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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mohawk in action

Hey all, I was gonna post something about my Adepticon battle, but the organizer posted a better report than I ever could. Go check it out!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mohawk done

Ready for action Friday evening.

I suppose I should read the Sharp Practice rules...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pikeman's Lament

The snazzy new skirmish ruleset, from Osprey and one of my favorite bloggers, just arrived yesterday. It's a super quick read, and should be a lot of fun to play. Michael Leck has published dozens of sample companies on his blog, but I decided to throw a few together based on my own mid-17th-century collection and needs. I don't actually have the models to field all these, except the first two, but it'll be easier to attain these goals than full P&S armies...

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
1 Aggressive Elite Gallopers @ 6 points each (Hussars)
2 Gallopers @ 4 points each (Pancerni or Cossack-Style Cavalry)
1 Trotters @ 4 points (German Mercenary Rajtar)
1 Dragoons @ 4 points (German Mercenary Dragoons or Tatars)
1 Commanded Shot @ 2 points (Haiduks)

1 Aggressive Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (Swashbuckling Cossacks)
1 Veteran Shot @ 6 points (Registered Cossacks)
2 Shot @ 4 points each (Moloitsy) (may trade one out for Dragoons)
2 Clubmen @ 1 point each (Peasant Rebels)
2 Priests @ 1 point each (attached to clubmen)

1 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (Streltsy)
1 Elite Trotters @ 6 points (Dvor or New Order Reiters)
2 Trotters @ 4 points each (Boyar's Sons)
2 Commanded Shot @ 2 points (Border Guards) OR 1 Shot @ 4 points (New Order Musketeers)

3 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points each (Tatar Warriors)
2 Raw Gallopers @ 3 points each (Kazindji)

1 Veteran Shot @ 6 points (Janissaries)
2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each (Azabs)
2 Trotters @ 4 points each (Sipahis)
1 Dragoons @ 4 points (Tatars, Besli or Akinci)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mohawk Iroquois WiP

A small side project before returning to Eastern Europe. They still need touch-ups, clothing embellishments, static grass and a unit leader.

They are plastic Wargames Factory (now Warlord Games, I believe) Woodland Indians, unconverted except for the headdresses made from cardstock and towel fluff.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Organizing for Plastic Kit Dilettantes

Part of why I haven't been getting as much hobby stuff done as I would like, is that my hobby area is kind of a mess. So yesterday, I bought some pegboard and hooks, and this morning I finished organizing my sprues.

I've started managing my bits this way, rather than with a bitz box, because it's easier to find specific bitz. Instead of rooting around through all my stockpiled right arms until I find the right arm with a cartridge in its hand, I can just go to the Zulu War-era British sprues and grab one straightaway. Anyway, between this setup and some new shelving, I should be back on track real soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Literary Villains (and other personalities)

To start, here's Cardinal Richelieu and Vlad III "Dracula".

Dumas' villain is from Warlord Games, and Stoker's from The Assault Group.

The Dracula figure also comes with a boyar (armed with a neat triple-headed flail) and a noblewoman (not yet painted, not shown). Last night I also painted a set of heroes to oppose these villains: Stickler Mitchell and Young Megan from Warlord Games, and Bertha Bestraufrung(sp?) from Games Workshop's old Sisters of Sigmar range.

I think Drac and his buddy look pretty neat next to Warlord's voynuks...