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Monday, January 13, 2014

More from the 41st Millenium (sort of)

For reference, a few additional Imperial Guard historical mash-ups. On the left is a Warlord Games ECW firelock, in the middle is a Perry Zouave, and on the right is a Perry Medieval Mercenary. All guns and arms are Cadian.

And some orks, painting in progress. Yes, I will be drilling out the gun barrels before they're done.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Direction; or, the Accidental Tallarn

Happy belated New Year everybody!

I spent some time back in IL, and various friends and relations have convinced me to return to Warhammer 40k. I have nearly 3000 points of Orks that need little more than paint and a few superficial repairs to return to the tabletop. And perhaps some reorganization to work well with the current goofy edition.

I will still be working on "finishing up" my historical armies, and making/acquiring terrain, but be prepared to see a lot of comically bloody-minded greenskinned hooligans on these pages as well.

So, to ease the transition from historical focus to sci-fi focus, here is an Imperial Guardsman converted from the nigh-ubiquitous Wargames Factory Persian Infantry kit. I have a bunch of IG arms left over from a batch of rough riders I converted for my brother, and they fit perfectly with the Persian's rather heroic scaling. I stuck them together pretty much on a whim (apparently 6e encourages allies?), and was pleasantly surprised to see how Tallarny he ended up looking.