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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Greetings from Trandosha!

Well, technically, Chicago. I moved back a couple months ago, and it'll be another couple months until I can get a place of my own, so all my armies are still packed for the time being. However, my tabletop rp gaming group will be starting a Star Wars campaign soon. I've already made my character, a Trandoshan Diplomat/Agitator, and I'm pretty excited to play, so I converted up a miniature to represent him on the tabletop, even though the system doesn't really need miniatures.

Anyway, here's En-Johlrass, aka Joe Durasteel, anti-Imperial rabblerouser and all-around cool guy.

His base miniature was a Reaper Bones fantasy rogue character named Dub Bullock, and I just greenstuffed him into a lizard person, and repurposed his knife into a truncheon with a scrap of toothpick. I am, apparently, a wee bit out of practice both with sculpting and painting, but I think this worked out well enough. Although the blue coat might be a bit too much color....