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Thursday, February 20, 2014

poor Tatars

In lighter news, I've been converting more Tatars. These are constructed almost entirely out of Wargames Factory bits like their predecessors. The difference is that these are kazindji, the poorest of the Tatars. They can't afford fancy luxuries like sabres or bows, so they have to make do with javelins, flails and sticks-with-horse-bones-tied-to-them. The latter weapons, known as maslaks, usually used horse jawbones for the striking surface, but the GW horse skeletons I have are far too robustly skulled to cut apart, so I commandeered some ribs instead.

Still plenty of gaps to fill, mold lines to scrape, and details to sculpt before painting. Not to mention the standard bearer and leader to assemble.


  1. Very nice conversions. But be sure to add stirrups;)

    1. Once I figure out a quick, cheap, easy way to add stirrups, I will add them to all the minis that need them, in one fell swoop. Maybe I can use staples somehow...