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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sorry, no hobby content in this one

The most powerful military in the world, not to mention any number of intelligence agencies and other federal resources, will soon be under the command of a gibbering fascist. Perhaps I will cease to post here, as I divert my time and money to activism and protest. Perhaps my posting rate will increase markedly, as I delve into escapism to insulate myself from the suffering and misery of my fellow Americans (and, frankly, the rest of humanity). I don't know.

But just in case: been nice knowing you! Thanks for all the views and comments!


  1. No worries dude, I am petty confused as to what just happened myself. Trump getting the nomination was the last draw in the support I had for the GOP. keep active, try not to get arrested if you can avoid it. And when we figure this shit out you can get back to what is really important....Wargameing!

    1. I mean hell I made my Cascadia imagination as a joke. Not really thinking that I might happen you know.

  2. Interesting times ahead...

    Allways nice to see you miniatures, keep at it.
    Cheers/ Jonas