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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dragoons WiP

Another component of the Royal Army. These dragoons, from Warlord Games, will have red coats with yellow lining. While fighting in the standard dragoon manner (ride into position, dismount to fight), the king's dragoons are documented as wearing szyszak/pappenheimer helms. This entailed a bit of converting, adding some helmets from the Warlord ECW cavalry, and others from the Wargames Factory WSS cavalry, and some green stuff as you can see. The horse's reins are electrical tape.


  1. I'm afraid that this description in Osprey about dragoons wearing helmets is just case of not reading sources properly :) In 2nd part of 17th century dragoons didn't wear helmets at all, instead they would have fur hat (if dressed 'Polish' style) or Western-type hat. Officer reconstructed in Osprey is clearly 'reiter', especially as Radziwiłł's always love to have strong units of these in their armies.

  2. That's a relief, since I need to make a few more of these guys, and adding the helmets is annoying. Hats (fur or floppy) are much easier to deal with, and the the helmets can go back into the bits box. Perhaps for a future unit of Radziwiłł-style reiters...