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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

another helping of Tatars

It's the holiday season, so seconds are encouraged!

Constructed as before, except that the unit leader has an ACW sword-arm and a Conquest Games Norman body. I believe the Tatars did sometimes wear padded/quilted armor, but the pictures I've seen show a vertical stripe pattern, not diamonds like here. Also the sleeves on the padded coat probably ought to be full-length.

Like a doofus, I forgot to take a picture of all eight Tatars together. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Are those bases wider than the GW/WAB standard 50mm cavalry base, or is that just an optical effect from the smaller horses?

    1. Optical illusion, cavalry bases are 25x50mm... in related news, it took me an embarrassingly long time figure out that a cavalry unit 4 wide and 2 deep is a square.

    2. Actually, it turns out you were right! Either GW cavalry bases are all 24x49.5mm, or 4ground and Wargames Factory and Renedra all produce 26x51.5mm cavalry bases.