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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Horses comparison (version 2)

After some constructive criticism, I decided to redo the horse comparison. This time around I've limited myself to the ones that can be purchased on their own, without riders. I've also used scraps of cardboard to compensate for different base thicknesses. Prices in US dollars, unless unavailable.

GW medieval horse - $15.00 for 5 horses, available here

Warlord Pike & Shotte horse - $6.50 for 4 horses, available here

Conquest Games Norman horse - £3.50 for 3 horses, £10.00 for 9 horses, or £16.25 for 15 horses, available here

Wargames Factory "feral" horse - $3.60 for 12 horses (possibly limited time offer), available here. Note: no tack at all

Wargames Factory ancients pony - $3.95 for 3 horses, available here. Note: no saddles


  1. Nice.
    I must admit the Wargames factory feral horse looks suprisingly good.

    1. They do look good, and are priced amazingly. If they weren't "naked" I'd mount all my Cossacks (and some of my Tatars) on them. I'm toying with the idea of using small rubberbands to provide the straps for proper horse-tack... if that works out easily I'll post something here, and then we can all justify buying as many of those horses as we want.