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Saturday, January 5, 2013

OK, who let the peasants have guns?

Got a few more peasants to post here. This should be last of my half-assed phone postings. My computer is here, and the monitor should arrive in the morning.

Mostly these are WGF Persians, with a few zouave bits and a very few Warlord Games peasant weapons.


  1. They look great and perfect for what you are after in style.

  2. Thanks! Eventually I'll have enough bits for separate units of peasants with harquebuses and peasants with actual muskets. The great thing about these guys is how versatile they are for the period... I can mix them with the cossacks as fellow rebels, or with the German-style infantry as the poorest of musketeers, or field them on their own as suspiciously well-equipped peasants.