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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

By Fire and Sword - Cossack skirmish force

Here is a look at the largest Cossack force I can make so far. In BF&S it works out to 11 FSP (Force Strength Points), assuming I upgrade my Colonel as much as possible. The smallest possible Cossack skirmish force is 4 FSP, the largest possible is 19, so this is a good medium-sized force.

I'll note that this force isn't "technically" complete, I need to paint four more banners, one for each commander and one for each moloitsy rota. Also, one of the moloitsy spearmen is missing a head (I dropped him and the head popped off and I can't find it.)

The pictures are terrible, I'll try again in sunlight when I get a chance.

The colonel is worth pointing out. One of the quirks of BF&S is that every cavalry and infantry element has the same frontage and model count: 3 models and 4 cm. That's for 15mm miniatures, but for 28mm it looks like 6 cm will be a typical frontage. Since I tend to base cavalry at 25x50mm per mini, I based the third member of this command element on a piece of popsicle stick, only 10mm wide.

Since Cossacks are an infantry force, I can just make this one mounted trumpeter and call it a day. But if I wanted to convert my Poles to BF&S use, I'd probably have to convert 1/3rd of them to these "skinny" cavalry bases, and then maybe make "sabot" bases for when I want to use them for other games.

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