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Saturday, November 8, 2014

more commanders

Not sure why I'm posting WiP shots of these guys, since there's no real converting here. Oh well

The dude on the left is TAG's Janusz Radziwiłł, who I will be using as Marcin Kalinowski, nominal commander of the left wing at Berestechko. The de facto commander was Wiśniowiecki from the last post.

In the middle is TAG's generic Cossack general, who is representing Mattviy Hladky (or something like that; Ukrainian names are even less consistently transliterated into English than Russian ones). The miniature ships with a pony instead of a warhorse, which is historically accurate, but aesthetically unacceptable for a commander, so I swapped it out for one of the Polish horses. He'll be commanding whichever wing Filon isn't commanding.

On the right is TAG's pancerny/cossack unit commander who makes a fine Stanisław Lanckoroński, commander of the Polish right wing. I just sculpted some fur and added a plume to turn his dumb haiduk-style pillbox cap into a proper fur hat.

These guys also came with staff/attendant figs, but they're even less converted, so I won't post them until they've been painted.

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