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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Carl X Gustav of Sweden

As promised, a historicals post.

I recently realized that, while I have converted several Polish and Cossack personalities, I hadn't yet done any Swedes despite being potentially able to field a decent force of them in Pikeman's Lament. So, off to wikipedia I went!

I let myself have a bit of fun with this one. Most paintings of good ol' Carl show him as a standard dour Swede in cuirassier armor (scarcely distinguishable from a Wrangel or a Wittenberg). But this rather idealistic/allegorical work gives him a bit more panache, so I went with that, even if I don't know how realistic that weird tinsel coat actually is.

(This is mostly just a standard Warlord Games P&S cavalryman, with a Anglo-Zulu War arm, an ACW hat, and plenty of greenstuff)

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