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Thursday, May 16, 2013

the Gosiewski Challenge

So, to celebrate the imminent success of the By Fire & Sword kickstarter campaign, and inspired by this AAR, I've decided to try to complete a BF&S skirmish group in 28mm. Specifically, the Gosiewski Foray (fourth link from the bottom), which is the only way to field Hussars at the skirmish level.

What makes it a challenge for me? Well, my goal is to try to get this force completed before the BF&S rulebook arrives sometime in June. This picture ought to give a pretty good idea of what I have completed and what I still need to do:

You might notice I'm not really worrying about base size yet. If a read-through of the rules makes it seem really important, I'll put together some movement trays to approximate the BF&S system. Otherwise I'll just fudge it.

And once I've got the rulebook and the Gosiewski Foray, I'll have them fight some Cossacks. Even if I don't end up having 12 points of Zaporozhians by then, BF&S has mechanisms for evening the odds between disproportionate forces. Gosiewski might end up leading his men against a fortified position, or even into an ambush...

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