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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cavalry WiP

So I smooshed together some plastic reiters and metal dragoons (all Warlord Games) into this unit.

 Armed mostly with carbines/half-muskets, but with the occasional pistol, and a couple of helmets, it's hard to tell if these are poorly-equipped reiters, or dragoons that have been unusually successful at looting.

Turns out, it's both. When I field them as reiters, their musician will a bugler, as befits a proper cavalry unit.


But when they are dragoons, it'll be a drummer (arms and drum from Wargames Factory).

So of course I had to make some dismounted versions. I had particular fun with the leader, he has some big beefy GW arms, and a bit of added height so as not to look apish with those arms. The mounted version also has a GW arm, even if it's hard to see in the picture up there.


  1. Should be a fun unit when finished. :)
    Take care of those mould lines, there are quite a few on the horses.
    I've tried using the GW Militia arms too but think they are quite hard to use since they're so much bigger than WG arms. I may make some whole-GW units with them later though.

    1. No kidding. As soon as this post went up, I attacked the horses with blade and file. They look much better know, but I'll give them one more look before I start painting.

      Yeah, the arms looked absolutely ridiculous until I added a couple mm to the guy's height. Also I think the giant hat helps balance out his overall appearance. We'll see how the painted version looks...