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Monday, September 2, 2013

Pospolite Ruszenie and Happy Labor Day

Here are some pics of my noble levy cavalry. They are converted from Wargames Factory WSS cavalry, with some heads and arms from other kits mixed in. I did not really enjoy making these guys, the conversions were too fiddly, especially compared to the underwhelming appearance of the finished bunch, and their thoroughly unimpressive tabletop stats.

I might go back and give some of them bows and carbines, so they can be fielded as a lighter Cossack-style cavalry squadron.

Incidentally, it is sort of ironic that I'm ending up posting these self-important serf-exploiters on Labor Day, the day when Americans are supposed to pretend that we aren't being exploited by a magnate class just as greedy, manipulative, shortsighted, unpatriotic and arrogant as any szlachta.

I need to remember to make a casualty stand for this regiment, and post it on May Day. An especially gruesome casualty stand.

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