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Saturday, July 14, 2012

more musketeers

Not every German-style soldier was a snappy-looking Royal retainer. This regiment is just a generic bunch of Germans, possibly having wandered over to Poland in search of employment after the end of the Thirty Years War in 1648. For the sake of aesthetics, I've painted them with a rudimentary uniform in their shared coat color - the Osprey book suggests that musketeer units could wear cloth coats dyed a yellow-ochre, to resemble leather buffcoats.

I have one more unit of musketeers to put together. I'm thinking some grey-coated expatriate Scots.


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  2. Actually majority of 'German' infantry in Polish army would be compose of Poles, only with foreign officers and NCO's. There was constant problam with supplies for those units so - perhaps except Guard regiment - they would rather look as funny bunch, many using simple peasants clothes and without any standard colour.

  3. Yeah, standardizing the coat color is an issue of convenience and aesthetics overriding strict historical accuracy. I may eventually mix in some musketeers without matching coats, but for now the hats and pants will have to do for signifying supply troubles.