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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scottish Mercenaries

This is my last batch of German-style musketeers. Inspired by this Thirty Years War woodcut, I decided to let my Scots be a little bit caricatured. Realistically, the Scottish population in Poland would probably have been a bit more assimilated than this - tartan in particular was not yet a symbol of cultural pride, rather, more like a reminder of backwardness, so it was unpopular with any Scotsman who could afford better. The same logic may have applied to beards as well...

Anyway, here they are. The tartan could probably stand a bit more work, once I get a lighter shade of red to work with.


  1. these guys are quite good. I would venture that your painting is getting much better. All in all, a really impressive force you're building.

    Cool bases as well!

  2. Nice work but completely unhistorical if I may add :)