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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mercenary reiters

A Seventeenth-century wargamer can never have too many reiters. After the uniformity of my first batch of reiters, this lot has a more individualistic look.Consequently, they were much more fun to paint. As per usual, these are mostly Warlord Games models, with a judicious sprinkling of Wargames Factory WSS bits. Also, an Assault Group colonel is leading the squadron.


  1. Nice, I like the individualism (as you could guess). May I suggest you drill out the front of the trumpet and paint it black?
    I have that TAG Colonel as well, must say that a different colour coat makes a lot of difference.

    1. Good catch. Also I need to paint the flag-thingy hanging from the trumpet.

      I think my other two TAG colonels are gonna be used as commanders (or their staff) because they aren't weilding their weapons. But this guy has his sword out, so it seemed apt to put him in an actual unit.


  2. Very nice work, especially with the yellows...great looking minis!