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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another test game

The good news is, I played a more complete game than my long-ago first trial run. This one has multiple battalias, some terrain, and a little bit of artillery. Unfortunately, I rolled absolute garbage for both sides' command tests, so the game itself was super lame. That's where there's no proper battle report this time. Just a few of the better pics, and some random thoughts.

I lost my own D6s a while back, so I borrowed the dice from a housemate's Farkel set. This gives me a dozen flag-themed dice per army, with another dozen (green and black) for casualty counts.

My table is only about 3'5" by 5', so I halved all distances (movement, ranges, etc.)

I used my own Cossack list, available here. I guess Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy just published a Cossack list, I'll have to check that out some time.

While I blamed my luck for the dullness of this game, I also could have played better, remembered to use initiative moves, and maybe included some Cossack horse for a more dynamic game. Oh well, live and learn.


  1. At least the figures and terrain make for some good eye candy.

    1. What do you use for your table cover? Canvas? Painted sheet?

    2. Thanks. The pics definitely did turn out better than the game this time. The cover is just a thrift store bedsheet painted irregularly with brown spray paint.