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Monday, February 16, 2015

Kitbashing szlachcic, strelets, azaps, and serfs

Man, spellchecker hates that post title.

So I broke down and bought some of the newer plastics that weren't around back when I was building my armies. I got the Gripping Beast Arabs and their Dark Age Warriors, and also the Fireforge Mongol infantry. Seriously good stuff.

The simplest and most immediately useful application is using the Dark Ages minis as peasant rebels. Just give 'em furry hats and even worse weapons.

Next up, also easy but less relevant to my immediate projects, azaps made from medieval Arabs. Muskets taken from both Warlord's storming party and Perry zouaves, because they're a ramshackle bunch. More variety on the command, ask if you have questions about specific bitz. Even though I don't have plans for an ottoman army any time soon, these guys may come in handy for skirmish stuff.

Finally, two moderately difficult conversions. A szlachcic (singular of szlachta) and a strelets (singular of streltsy). The first is for skirmish gaming (or possibly a dismounted cavalry storming party), and the second is the first of an intended unit. Both are a bit involved, primarily because of the fiddly embroidery on their chests.


  1. Looking forward to seeing them painted up. Oh and apparently GB will be releasing plastic Arab Cav in April.

  2. Based on the plastic Arabs I have, and the mounted metal ones I've seen online, I have no doubt I'll end up buying the plastic Arab Cavalry. Beside the Ottoman light cavalry I'll eventually want, they should also make a fine base for Cossack cavalry/dragoons.

  3. !!!!! seriously good figures ~ you inspire me to have a go ~ could you please tell us how you do the 'green stuff' fur on the caps

    1. Thanks, I'm always glad to inspire folks.

      For the hat linings, I just wrap a sausage-shaped blob of greenstuff around the mini's head (after the rest of the hat is already in place), and then to give it the texture, I just poke it haphazardly with a pointy tool such as a spare miniature brass pike. Hope that helps!

  4. thanks muchly it does help but it would be even better if you did it for me!!