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Saturday, December 17, 2016

revising my Eastern Europe supplement?

Well, it's been about three and a half years since I put together my Eastern Europe P&S supplement, and it's probably about time to start thinking about a second edition. So far, I've just been brainstorming possible new content. Here's some stuff I'm expecting to include:

  • References to the Devil's Playground terrain/siege rules. (I'm not going to plagiarize anything, but I will direct readers to appropriate pages of that supplement, as some sections are very relevant e.g. Gulay Gorod, Abatis)
  • Rules for Cossack wagons.
  • New and variant unit stats for the main book's Polish and Ottoman armies (e.g. Guard Haiduks, earlier Hussars, Voyniks).
  • Expanded Dramatis Personae listing (e.g. Ivan IV, Maksim Kryvonis, Devlet I Giray, some Radziwill or other...)
  • Historical scenarios
  • At least one battle report
  • And of course, updated illustrations and typo fixes.

Other stuff, possible but not as certain, might include:

  • Fictional Dramatis Personae (e.g. Taras Bulba, Onufry Zagloba, Red Sonya, Baba Yaga, Dracula).
  • Additional army lists (e.g. Late Teutonic Order, 16th-c Hungary, 16th-c Astrakhan, late 16th-c Habsburgs, 17th-c Transylvania)
  • Overall reorganization, i.e. alternating between the potted history and rule/list segments.
  • Modeling/conversion resources.

This new phase of the project is in its infancy right now, but any thoughts or comments would be appreciated nonetheless. Thanks!


  1. A new edition would be great. I have used your supplement repeatedly and constantly refer to it. Definitely yes to transylvanian so.

    1. Thanks! The Transylvanians are the easiest to come up with a new list for, since they are covered in detail in the Deluge supplement for By Fire And Sword.

    2. Wonderful ideas to incorporate into your previous version. Especially the wagons and how they work within the Pike and Shotte rules. Thank you, Pan Urban.