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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Preliminary Plastic Kitbashing

So, a few weeks ago I was poking around for plastic historical miniatures to repurpose, and I stumbled across a contest. I bought some of their minis (which I'm sure was their devious plan all along), and those minis arrived a couple days ago. After a bit of plotting and experimenting, I've finally started putting stuff together. So feast your eyes on this blog's first, but by no means last, conversions:

This first one is strictly a warm-up conversion. It's pretty boring and doesn't even use all three of the kits I purchased. I don't plan to enter it in the contest, but I'll be needing plenty of Tatars to provide mounted support for my Cossacks, and this guy is the first. He's basically a Celt Cavalryman, with a Persian bow and head.

This second guy might get entered. He is a Polish nobleman, or szlachta, although evidently he's a fairly poor one since he doesn't even have a horse. His head and sword are Celtic (the latter bent into a more sabre-like shape, not that you can tell at this angle), his right hand and pistol are from the War of Spanish Succession Cavalry, and the rest is Persian.

Obviously, these guys are works-in-progress. And in case you didn't follow the contest link above, they're all based on Wargames Factory bits. Stay tuned for an armored cavalryman sometime tomorrow...

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