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Saturday, April 28, 2012

This is more like it

Ok, now that I've eased back into the whole "conversion" business, I figured it's high time for a more ambitious bit of work, especially if it can involve greenstuff. So I took a good long look at this guy, a typical example of 17th century Polish cavalry, and then marshalled my Wargames Factory sprues and my greenstuff and my tools, and produced this:

It's still WiP, needing the sword and shield and holstered pistol and maybe some additional decoration on the horse gear, and plenty of miscellaneous cleaning. But I think this gives a decent sense of how it's coming together. Even in his present state, dude's got some character.


  1. nice work. A) it takes getting used to non-GW minis with their non-enormously-scaled weapons; B) better green stuff the horse's neck!

  2. The neck is definitely the last major issue before painting. I might try to fill the gap with pvc glue instead, but it might be too wide for that...