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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Box WiP

Here is house number one, in various stages of construction. I started with a piece of corrugated cardboard, folded into a box and reinforced with masking tape. Then I added trim and additional reinforcement made out of coffee stirrers, and the doorframe made out of non-corrugated cardboard.

Then I made the roof frame out of more cardboard (both kinds) and wood.

It's a separate piece, for ease of painting. A view of the bottom shows the (frankly rather rudimentary) structure.

Next step is the thatch. I cut pieces of a spare hand towel into strips and glued them on with overlaps. I wasn't too precise about measurements here, pretty much just eyeballing everything.

I realize the inspiration picture had way more thatching strips than this, but I only have so much patience.

Of course, my guesstimated measurements weren't perfect, but that's ok because I still have the corner bits of thatch to do.

And then here's how the roof looks back on the house. Only missing the watered-down PVA glue on the thatch to give it some weight.

And here's the version with the glue brushed on. Now it just needs paint.

Final note: if you're going to do something like this, consider investing the time/money to get a nice luxurious towel. The fiber loops on this one were pretty threadbare, so the thatch isn't nearly as textured or convincing as it might be.

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  1. yeah, I look upon your low-class towels with disgust. Looking cool. YOU BETTER be painting over that blue with a color that isn't blue.