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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Little Boxes (made of ticky-tacky)

So, I've decided to work on terrain. Specifically houses, as you might suspect from the title of this post. I've made thatched-roof cottages before, but they're in storage now. And you can never have too many buildings to fight over, anyhow. Also, I've found better reference pictures this time around.

So, I'm thinking one of these:

And two or three of these:

Should be easy enough to build out of scrap cardboard, wooden coffee stirrers, and bits of towel for the thatch. Throw in a small church, some lengths of fence and maybe a well, and I'll have the makings of a picturesque little Ukrainian hamlet, ready to be devastated by arrogant Poles or rapacious Cossacks.


  1. ooo neat. whatever you do -- DO NOT PAINT THE HOUSE BLUE

    1. aw, why not? I was thinking of painting at least one just like the pic, and maybe another with the blue and white switched...